The French Riviera was one of the first “seaside resorts” in the world, attracting visitors mainly aristocracy since the end of the 18th century. The natural beauty, the beautiful blue azur sea, the quaint villages and the mild climate still attract millions of tourists today.

On our Ebike the French Riviera tour, we visit the beauty of the Riviera, our favourite panoramic views with lots of fun informative stories from the aristocracies and celebrities who lived here.

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DIY - How to get there by bike / ebike?

  • Exit the old town to the Promenade, then turn left.
  • Follow the promenade around to the harbor.
  • Bike around the port and stop in front of the super yachts.
  • Continue up to the small rowing boats, “Les Pointus”.
  • Take the 1st small hill, rue du Lazaret.
  • Turn right, and take Blvd Stalingrad.
  • Turn left for Blvd Franck Pilate.
  • Climb the hill around the Cap de Nice, by ave Jean Lorrain, this is one of the steepest hill climbs of the trip.
  • Go up to the lights at Century 21.
  • At the intersection crossing Boulevard Maeterlinck, turn right and enter the left lane, as shown in the photo.
  • At the traffic lights, turn left passing the Carrefour supermarket going up Blvd Mont Boron.
  • Continue on Blvd Mont Boron for 200m.
  • Take the first right on to Route Forestiere.
  • Please note this road is narrow and there may be downhill traffic.
  • Continue on this road until you see spectacular views.
  • Stop and breathe in the beauty.
  • Continue on this road for about 2 km until you reach the junction for Fort du Mont Alban.
  • Enjoy cycling through the forest.
  • Turn right and take the road to the Fort du Mont Alban.
  • Follow this road until you reach Fort du Mont Alban.
  • Enjoy the panoramic view, on a clear day you can see Monaco and Italy from this point of view.
  • The fort of Mont Alban is a military fortification from the year 1557.
  • You must book in advance to have access to the Fort.
  • After enjoying the views from Fort Alban, descend until you get back to Route Forestiere du Mont-Boron.
  • Take the right here.
  • Cycle for 200m.
  • Cross the road to enjoy the panoramic views of Nice city, Nice airport. On a clear day you can see the Cap d’Antibes.
    Be there for the noon , you can even hear the midday canon up there! Maybe you will see the canon smoke above the castle hill.
  • Go down Route Forestiere du Mont-Boron to Corniche André de Joly.
  • Join the Corniche André de Joly, at the 2nd traffic light, you see the intersection in the photo, take the 2nd right onto Chemin François Ferry for 50m.
  • Be careful, it’s easy to take the wrong road here.
  • Take the ave General Leclerc. there is a side road on the right which is a one way road. Ensure to stay on Ave General Leclerc.

Here you see 2 roads to Villefranche, stay right. You stay on the Ave du General Leclerc.

  • Stop at the “STOP” sign, turn right. The street is now one-way.
  • Go down Ave de Saint Esteve to the Basse Corniche. (M6098)
  • Turn left at the traffic lights onto M6098 Ave du Marachal Foch.
  • Continue until the next traffic lights.
    Turn right straight after the traffic lights and follow the road down into Villefranche.
  • Cycle down avenue du Général de Gaulle for around 800m.
  • In the photo we see the 3rd bend of this road. Be careful for uphill traffic here, once it is clear turn left.
  • You are on the rue de la Citadelle which is a 16th century moat.
  • Continue straight on rue de la Citadelle.
  • You have 2 options to leave the moat.
  • Either continue straight until the sea and turn left in the parking lot.
  • Or at the barrier, you turn left and you arrive at the entrance to the citadel, see photo. From there, to descend into the town of Villefranche, you turn right down the hill.

What to do in Villefranche-sur-Mer:

  • Plage des Marinières, sandy beach.
  • Church of Saint-Michel, Baroque style church dating from the 1750s. Inside, a life-size Christ, carved from a single block of fig wood, dating from the 17th century.
  • Chapelle Saint-Pierre (16th century), located on the fishing port, place Amélie Pollonais. Jean Cocteau decorated it with wall frescoes.
  • The film “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” was partially filmed in Villefranche.
  • Place Amélie Pollonais
  • The citadel of Saint-Elme, in summer, there is an open-air cinema in the citadel. See link on museums.  
  • Rue Obscure is a 130-meter covered street dating from 1260
    in the old town of Villefranche.
  • To go back to Nice, take the Blvd princess Grace Kelly.
  • For safety, cross the road to the cycle path on the sea side as there is a lot of traffic and bends.
  • Stop at the Grace Kelly Memorial.
  • If you want, you can go back up to Mont Boron. Cross at the next pedestrian crossing after the Grace Kelly Memorial. Take the Ave des Hésperides, up to the Route Forestiere du Mont-Boron. Take the left on the Route Forestiere du Mont-Boron. You return by the same path as you came.

Villefranche is one of the most beautiful towns on the French Riviera. It has been used as a backdrop for over 150 movies and series. It is colorful and picturesque and has inspired many artists and painters throughout the ages. Try to go there when there is no cruise ship in the bay. It can be very busy in the summer months.

Enjoy your visit!