They say money can’t buy happiness but it can buy bikes and wine.

Do we need anything else?

Among the millions of visitors who travel to Nice on the French Riviera, few know one of our best treasures, our distinguished and unique AOC wine, “Le vin de Bellet”. Nice is one of the oldest appellations in France. It was the Greeks and the Romans who brought the vinification to Nice. Why not discover some of our favourite vineyards by electric bike or bike. Get off the beaten path and explore a part of our story that few tourists find. See link to the guided tour.

There are 9 small vineyards in Bellet. We have marked 4 on the map below.

Our favorite is the “Collet de Bovis” vineyard run by the humble and charming winemaker Jean Spizzo. He doesn’t speak English, but seems to understand quite well. He speaks French and Italian.

  • Collet de Bovis, 370 Chemin de Crémat, 06200 Nice, Tel: 04 93 37 82 52 – 13km du vieux Nice.
  • Chateau de Cremat, 442 Chemin de Crémat, 06200 Nice, Tel: 04 92 15 12 15 – 13km du vieux Nice
  • Domaine de la Source, 303 Chemin de Saquier, 06200 Nice, Tel: 04 93 29 81 60 – 16km du vieux Nice
  • Château de Bellet, 482 Chemin de Saquier, 06200 Nice, Tel: 04 93 37 81 57 – 16km du vieux Nice

Make sure to call the winemakers before your visit. There is an entry fee for a tasting tour. Fortunately, there is also the possibility of buying wine on site!

  • From old Nice, cycle  west along the promenade until you see the monument to North Africa, just before Magnan. Be careful, it’s easy to miss!
  • Continue for about 100m more until the promenade starts to narrow (around 91 Promenade des Anglais.) (Poincaré Beach)
  • Cross the pedestrian crossing, turn left and walk with your bike to rue Gardon.
  • Take rue Gardon, then cross rue de France to College Alphonse Daubet.
  • Take the ave Emile Henriot, to the right of the College.

Take the 1st street on the left, rue Louis de Coppet.  At the end of the street you come to a tunnel.

  • After the tunnel, walk with your bike on the footpath. Cross all the pedestrian crossings, as far as Leader Price.
  • Go up Blvd Carlone to the left Leader Price. Cycle up as far as the traffic lights.
  • At the traffic lights, turn right on to the Route de Bellet.
  • Be careful, take this road in single file as there are many bends and often cars parked on both sides.
  • Stay on the road to Bellet, for the next 10/15mins until “Raccourci no. 5”.
  • Take the left turn on to “Raccourci no. 5.”

Stop at raccourci no. 5 and enjoy the magnificent panoramas!

Enjoy the magnificent views
  • Join the Route de Bellet again.
  • Go straight through the round about and take the first left after to join raccourci no. 6.
junction for raccourci no. 6
  • From Raccourci no. 6, enjoy the views of the Chateau du Cremat.
  • Join the Route de Bellet again, continue straight, until the traffic lights.
  • Take the left for Chemin de Cremat.
  • You are 15 minutes away from great wine.
  • Continue on the Chemin de Cremat for 2km, you will see the Château de Cremat on the left with its beautiful entrance.
  • To go to Jean Spizzos vineyard, after the chateau, the path descends quite steeply, 1 km further on you will find the Collet de Bovis on the left. Please note, the climb to the left is very steep! As soon as you take the left for the Collet de Bovis, take the 2nd alley on the left, again very steep! 

You are here!

Jean doesn’t speak English, but his charm and passion for wine making easily translates.

Ensure to bring food as you will be hungry. There is a nice pizzeria at raccourci no. 5, but make sure to call them first.

La Provence

For something more upmarket there is a restaurant called: L’Element –

Take the same path for the way home. 

Enjoy, life is too short to drink bad wine!